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DENH 4007. Clinical Administration Practicum. 4 Credit Hours.

The purpose of this course is to present Bachelor of Science Degree Completion students with an opportunity to hone administrative skills in a clinical environment. There will be interactions with second-year dental hygiene students as well as with the second-year clinic coordinator. The course includes conference and clinical application sessions to expand and refine teaching and evaluation skills and clinic administration issues including outcomes assessment, quality assurance, and information technology. This course requires a formal agreement with a participating dental hygiene program at least six weeks to the beginning of class. To begin the process, contact the UTHSCSA program director. Completion of DENH 3007 Pre-Clinic Teaching Practicum is required or previous clinical teaching experience. The course instructor may waive the prerequisites course requirement based on previous clinical teaching experience. Course Fees: Practicum fee: $10 per hour Open for Cross Enrollment on Space Available basis.