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GEND 7001. General Dentistry Clinic. 4 Credit Hours.

The Junior General Dentistry Clinic course oversees student progress towards competency in: patient assessment and diagnosis, comprehensive treatment planning and assessment of outcomes, management of periodontal and pre-implant tissues, and management of malocclusion and occlusal disorders as described in Statements 01, 02, 07, and 13 of the HSC Dental School Competencies for Graduating Dentists. Junior students will be evaluated by GPG faculty on their independent efforts in satisfying the educational outcomes described for each of the four component competencies included in the course. Results of the evaluation will be kept in the student portfolio by the group leader. Unsuccessful attempts will be repeated until the student demonstrates adequate progress towards competency. A final grade at the end of the junior year will be Pass or Fail. Each component of the course must be passed to receive a passing grade.