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MMED 5019. Graduate Colloquium In Molecular Medicine. 1 Credit Hour.

(1) To train students to critically read and comprehend the scientific literature; (2) To train students to concisely present the data in scientific papers in a manner that conveys the significance of the findings; (3) To sharpen student skills in seminar preparation and presentation with an emphasis on critical evaluation of data, methods, interpretations, and conclusions; (4) To train students to critically evaluate the presentations of their colleagues. This course is not a didactic course. Instead, it is an interactive discussion and presentation formatted course. Participation is the underlying theme of this course and all students will be graded on their overall participation as well as the quality of their presentations. Grading will reflect the improvement shown by each student in each subsequent presentation. Students should address weaknesses indicated to them by the presiding faculty, TA's & Students.