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TSCIĀ 6060. Patient-Oriented Clinical Research Methods-2. 2 Credit Hours.

This interdisciplinary course is the second in a two-semester sequence designed to train participants in the conduct of patient-oriented clinical research. Students will have the opportunity to learn to and, by the end of the course be required to: (1) define criteria for inferring causation from observational studies; (2) design strategies for subject retention in a prospective study; (3) design strategies for monitoring progress in a randomized control trial; (4) delineate strategies for minimizing bias in cohort studies and randomized control trials; (5) compare and contrast the uses, strengths, and weaknesses of different clinical trial designs; (6) read and interpret research reports of cohort studies and randomized control trials; and (7) describe the steps in conducting a meta-analysis. Prerequisites: TSCI 5071.