Translational Science

The Office of Research Education and Mentoring’s (OREM) mission is to support and develop robust Translational Science educational programs. All of our programs are developed with the intent to further enhance the capabilities of students, staff and faculty members at our institution in the exciting field of Translational Science. Our diverse sets of programs are offered at various levels to meet the needs of the complex translational science workforce and a variety of health-related disciplines. Furthermore, our courses and programs utilize dedicated expertise from faculty members at UTHSA for education, mentoring and guided multidisciplinary research.

What is Translational Science?

The Field of investigation focused on understanding the scientific and operational principles underlying each step of the Translational Process. Translational Science bridges the gap between basic research and human studies in order to impact health of communities, policies, and distinguish changes in clinical practice.

Translational Science Education Programs:

  • Certificate in Translational Science (CTS): The 12 semester-credit-hour (SCH) Certificate in Translational Science (CTS) Program is conducted through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the UT Health San Antonio and is designed for research professionals who seek organized and intensive training in fundamental topics in translational science.
  • Master of Science in Clinical Investigation-Translational Science (MSCI-TS): The 30 semester-credit-hour (SCH) MSCI-TS program is conducted through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the UT Health San Antonio. The MSCI-TS Program seeks to train outstanding healthcare professionals in the core competencies necessary for the safe conduct of clinical and translational research. The program aims to provide fundamental curricular activities and valuable training opportunities through didactic coursework and the development of a guided mentored research proposal that ultimately culminates in our students developing manuscripts that are submitted to peer review scientific journals.
  • Doctoral Degree in Translational Science (TS PhD): A joint doctoral degree offered through the collaboration of four universities: UT Health San Antonio, UTSA, UT Austin, and UT Health School of Public Health San Antonio Regional Campus.  The program is designed to use the existing resources and expertise in specific key areas of each university to offer a strong, diverse, and competitive Translational Science PhD.  The TS PhD will prepare the next generation of scientists to lead the multi-disciplinary biomedical research teams of the future in increasingly complex research environments.

Contact Information:

Alex Machuca

MSCI-TS/Certificate in Translational Science Academic Coordinator

Giovanna D’Ambra

Translational Science PhD Academic Coordinator