Other Affiliated Institutions and Programs

The goal of the South Texas Area Health Education Center (AHEC) is to increase the number of primary care physicians and other health professionals by developing strong “pipeline” programs in the primarily underserved and highly impoverished 38-county region of South Texas. AHEC recruits minority students from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in mentoring and educational activities designed to prepare and inspire them to enter into the health care field. Programs aim to strengthen science skills and increase the competitive applicant pool of minority students to pursue health professions education. The mission is to improve access to culturally competent and quality primary care through appropriate preparation, composition and distribution of the health professional workforce in South Texas. AHEC is committed to improving the health status and quality of life for residents of South Texas.

The South Texas Environmental Education and Research Center (STEER) offers an elective course in environmental and border health in Laredo for medical students and residents, and students in other health care fields. STEER also is involved in research and community activities such as a study of asthma among schoolchildren, and a project to help residents in border colonies chlorinate their drinking water. The center began in 1996 with funding from the South Texas/Border Region Health Education Initiative.