Community Dentistry (COMD)


COMD 7031. Professional Ethics. 0.5 Credit Hours.

This course provides a deeper understanding of the role that ethics plays in dental practice through a series of small-group discussions focused on the resolution of ethical dilemmas. It also provides a more thorough appreciation of the ethical principles and theory of normative ethics, as well as an understanding of the importance of dental research ethics, the role of ethics in the "business" of dentistry, and dentist's role in addressing social justice issues.

COMD 7050. Preventive Dentistry Clinic. 1.5 Credit Hour.

As part of the junior clinic, this course is for the clinical application of prior study of Preventive & Community Dentistry, Preventive Methods, Nutrition, Cariology, Caries Risk Management, and Sophomore Clinic. With the emphasis on dental caries, it also includes prevention of gingivitis, oral cancer, and orofacial trauma. Students record preventive history, diagnosis and document caries, request appropriate lab and dietary assessments, carry out a caries activity (risk) assessment, write a preventive plan, and evaluate outcomes.

COMD 8014. Oral Health Care System. 1 Credit Hour.

A series of lectures and panel discussions introduce students to the structure as well as methods of financing dental care. Concepts of both traditional and recently evolved forms of dental practice also are discussed.

COMD 8032. Jurisprudence. 0.5 Credit Hours.

An in-depth review of the Texas Dental Practice Act and the Rules and Regulations of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners will be presented as preparation for the Dental Jurisprudence examination given by the Board. General review of the interface of the law and dental practice including dental torts, malpractice, partnerships, insurance, record keeping, and other related legal issues are presented.