Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTSR)


CTSR 4008. Cardiothoracic Surgery. 4 Credit Hours.

Senior students function as "sub-interns" on the cardiothoracic surgery service, taking part in all aspects of pre-operative and post-operative care in addition to observing and assisting in the operating room. They will be exposed to a wide range of pathophysiology, including cardiovascular, pulmonary and foregut disease, as well as hemodynamics and critical care. Daily responsibilities include rounding and presenting patients in the intensive care unit and inpatient ward, keeping daily records, seeing in patient consults, assisting with patient discharges and mentoring third-year medical students. Students will also evaluate patients in the outpatient clinics and emergency room. They will attend education conferences and present a case at department grand rounds. They will take call as designated by the cardiothoracic surgery services.

CTSR 4050. Congenital & Cardiac Surgery. 4 Credit Hours.

Students will attend daily rounds with the congenital heart team, including cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, pediatric internists and neonatologists. They will participate in the pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care of patients with congenital heart disease, including attendance at weekly conferences with the team. They will perform histories and physical examinations in the hospital and in the cardiology and surgery clinics. They will scrub in for congenital heart operations and cardiac catheterization procedures and present these patients to the team on daily rounds.

CTSR 7000. Off-Campus Rotation In Cardiothoracic Surgery. 4 Credit Hours.

In this course the student will work closely with the preceptor in a clinical setting that can be either in-patient or out-patient or both. The physician can work either in private practice or a residency program setting. The preceptor must be board-certified in CT surgery and have clinical faculty appointment with a LCME-Accredited Medical School. The student must not be a relative of the preceptor. Students must arrange the preceptorship directly with the attending physician.