Radiation Oncology (RADO)


RADO 4000. Special Topic. 4 Credit Hours.

This is a self-designed course created by both the student and the department to cover a specific topic. A Course Approval Form must be completed along with documentation of the designed course description.

RADO 4003. Clinical Radiation Medicine. 4 Credit Hours.

Participation in daily operations at the Mays Cancer Center includes treatment planning conferences, simulation, computer planning, applied physics, treatment setups, etc. Assistance is provided in consultations, follow-up clinics, and inter-departmental activities and ongoing projects. Emphasis is on radiation oncology. Responsibility is given according to capability and interest.

RADO 7000. Radiation Oncology Off-Campus. 4 Credit Hours.

All off campus rotations must be approved by the designated faculty member prior to the beginning of the rotation (at least one week before the course begins). Credit will not be given for any rotation that has not been approved in advance. Required paperwork includes: "Course Approval" form, a written letter or email for acceptance form the physician preceptor with the start and end dates of the course/rotation, and a course description of your learning objectives and responsibilities during the rotation. Forms must include a complete address and telephone number for the off campus location or residence address for the student while at the off campus site. Forms will not be approved after the rotation has already begun. Contact the department for assistance with enrolling in this course.