Campus Facilities

Access to Campus Facilities

The responsibility of The University of Texas System Board of Regents is to operate and maintain an effective and efficient system of institutions of higher education and requires that the time, place, and manner of assembly, speech, and other activities on the grounds and in the buildings and facilities of the UT System or institutions be regulated.

No person, organization, group, association, or corporation may use property, buildings, or facilities owned or controlled by the Health Science Center for any purpose other than in the course of the regular programs or activities related to the role and mission of the university, unless authorized by the Regents’ Rules and Regulations. Any authorized use must be conducted in compliance with the provisions of the Regents’ Rules and Regulations, the university’s Handbook of Operating Procedures, and applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Health Science Center facilities may be used by outside organizations with the joint sponsorship of a Health Science Center department. The Health Science Center may recommend joint sponsorship of a project or program when the following listed conditions are met: (1) the educational implications are self-evident and directly supplement the educational purposes of the institution and the academic or administrative mission of the department recommending sponsorship; and (2) there will be no private gain for the cooperating individuals, group, or association. The Health Science Center sponsor when entering into a joint sponsorship of any program assumes full responsibility for all details, including cost, as well as approval of subject, contents, and publicity for the event. To the extent that there are charges for Health Science Center services (e.g., printing, housekeeping, parking, security, etc.) for the event, such charges shall be paid by the sponsoring department. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring department to determine an appropriate level of reimbursement, if any, from the outside entity cosponsoring the event and obtain such payments and deposit such payments to the accounts from which charges for the event were made. Regents’ Rules and Regulations apply (from Handbook of Operating Procedures 9.1.4).