Restorative Dentistry (RESD)


RESD 5001. Biomaterials 1. 1 Credit Hour.

An introduction to fundamental physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of materials is provided. Lectures include basic introductions to the fields of metals, polymers, and ceramics.

RESD 5004. Dental Anatomy & Occlusion. 2 Credit Hours.

This course is designed to teach the freshman dental students the anatomical, morphological and functional aspects of the oral cavity; as well as to introduce terminology used by the oral health professions. More specifically, to expand his/her knowledge of the dentition, supporting structures, and to provide students with a detailed study of normal occlusal relationships in the various jaw positions.

RESD 5005. Preclinical Dental Anatomy & Occlusion. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is designed to provide the freshman dental student practice in applying the knowledge presented in the Dental Anatomy and Occlusion didactic course. Additionally, it is intended to develop the manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination necessary to perform laboratory and clinical tasks that will be required for clinical practice.

RESD 5044. Occlusion & TMD. 0.5 Credit Hours.

Residents will receive instruction for providing a limited occlusal equilibrium due to disorders such as local traumatic occlusion. The course will also cover recommended techniques for full-mouth occlusal equilibrium. A series of patients presenting with TMD-like symptoms will be presented, and diagnoses, perpetuating factors, and potential treatments will be discussed. The clinical portion of the course will involve residents taking impressions and bite registrations on their partners, sending these to a laboratory for splint fabrication, and inserting these appliances on their partners. Residents will have the opportunity to learn to palpate the masticatory and cervical musculature, in addition to the TMJs of their partners.

RESD 5095. Research Methodology 2-Thesis Proposal. 0.5 Credit Hours.

This course is a continuation of ORTH 5094 Research Methodology I.

RESD 6001. Operative Dentistry. 2.5 Credit Hours.

Lectures provide basic restorative philosophy and techniques in cavity design, instrumentation, and restorative materials manipulation used in modern dentistry. These lectures are designed to augment the preclinical projects conducted in the laboratory which provide simulation of clinical conditions.

RESD 6002. Preclinical Operative Dentistry. 3.5 Credit Hours.

Preclinical projects provide students an opportunity to practice skills presented in the lecture course. Exercises include mixing and placement of interim restorative materials, glass ionomer, silver amalgam, and composite resin. Lab fee included in general laboratory fee.

RESD 6021. Advanced Dental Materials. 3.5 Credit Hours.

Students have an opportunity to become acquainted with sophisticated research equipment through hands-on exposures. Measurements of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of commonly used dental materials give the student the opportunity to envision and formulate research projects in dental materials.

RESD 6050. Esthetic Dentistry. 1.5 Credit Hour.

The course examines the subtle and individual issues of dental esthetics and addresses facial contours, tooth arrangement, individual tooth contours, and tooth shade. The laboratory phase emphasizes the principles of dental esthetics during the fabrication of a porcelain laminate veneer restoration.

RESD 6102. Biomaterials 2. 1 Credit Hour.

A didactic introduction to dental materials by classification, this course describes the manipulative and technical aspects of each existing material category and relates the basic physical, mechanical, and chemical properties to the desired end use so that intelligent choices may be made as new materials become available.

RESD 6108. Temporomandibular Disorders. 1 Credit Hour.

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and sequential management of patients with temporomandibular disorders.

RESD 7010. Operative Dentistry Lecture. 1.5 Credit Hour.

A series of lectures designed to present more sophisticated didactic material in areas not included in the first and second year preclinical courses. This course serves as a forum for discussion of individual clinical problems and their solutions which are of interest to the class as a whole.

RESD 7011. Operative Dentistry Clinic. 4.5 Credit Hours.

Students are given the opportunity to commence the clinical practice of operative dentistry. Each student is expected to achieve competency in the restoration of teeth with various restorative materials. Students' application of knowledge of proper patient management is assessed.

RESD 8051. Senior Esthetic Dentistry. 0.5 Credit Hours.

This course is designed to present available alternatives in esthetic dentistry, indication and clinical applications for each alternative, new materials designed for the concepts of esthetic dentistry, and appropriate methods of patient communication and patient management. Emphasis will be placed on clinical applications, efficacy of materials, precise communication with the laboratory concerning veneer shade information, and methods of doing chair-side color modifications.