Expressive Activities Policy

In furtherance of UT Health San Antonio’s (“UTHSA”) mission of making lives better through excellence in education, research, health care, and community engagement, the purpose of this Policy is to protect and promote “Expressive Activities” taking place in UTHSA Outdoor Public Forums, as defined in Section IV of this Policy. Any Expressive Activities engaged in by individuals under this Policy are the views of those individuals and do not necessarily represent the views of UTHSA. This policy applies to all UTHSA administrators, faculty, staff, students, residents, fellows, post-doctoral research fellows, other trainees, visiting scholars, student organizations and/or UTHSA organizations, and invited guests, hereinafter collectively referred to as “UTHSA Community,” and members of the public who desire to conduct Expressive Activities on any property owned by UTHSA. This Policy shall not apply to Commercial Speech.
UTHSA will protect and promote the rights of all persons to engage in Expressive Activities as guaranteed and defined by the United States Constitution and the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas. Every person shall be at liberty to speak, write, or publish their opinions on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that privilege, as well as following all applicable State laws as well as UTHSA rules. All the general and criminal laws of the state are declared to be in full force and effect within the areas under the control and jurisdiction of the state institutions of higher education of this state.
Please see Section 9.1.9 “Expressive Activities” of the Handbook of Operating Procedures for a more detailed explanation of the policy. 
Inquiries about this policy should be directed to the Office of Student Life at or