Ophthalmology (OPHT)


OPHT 4000. Special Topic. 4 Credit Hours.

This is a self-designed course created by both the student and the department to cover a specific topic. A Course Approval Form must be completed along with documentation of the designed course description.

OPHT 4001. Clinical Ophthalmology. 4 Credit Hours.

The goal of the senior selective experience is to help the student learn how to perform an ophthalmological examination using external examination techniques, Schiotz, and applanation tonometry, the direct and indirect ophthalmoscope, gonioscopy, and refraction, and to become familiar with the common systemic disorders that have ocular manifestations. The student is required to learn to recognize and understand the treatment of the most frequently encountered ocular diseases. Attire: Unless otherwise stated, scrubs should be worn in an operating room environment or during call hours. Under no circumstances may scrubs be worn during clinics or for any academic related activities. Exceptions may be made, but as a general rule, the student should always ask their faculty advisor before wearing any non-professional attire. Call: While this is not required, taking first ophthalmology call is highly encouraged as it is an excellent example of ophthalmology resident duties. We encourage all medical students to discuss this with their faculty mentor and a first or second year resident.

OPHT 4003. Clinical Ophthalmology Research. 4 Credit Hours.

The student is required to design and carry out a clinical project, review of literature, chart review, etc., with approval and guidance by instructor. The student also is required to participate with faculty instructors in seeing private patients, observing surgery, scheduled teaching conferences and Journal Club.

OPHT 7000. Off Campus. 4 Credit Hours.

All off campus rotations must be approved by the designated faculty member prior to the beginning of the rotation (at least one week before the course begins). Credit will not be given for any rotation that has not been approved in advance. Required paperwork includes: "Course Approval" form, a written letter or email for acceptance form the physician preceptor with the start and end dates of the course/rotation, and a course description of your learning objectives and responsibilities during the rotation. Forms must include a complete address and telephone number for the off campus location or residence address for the student while at the off campus site. Forms will not be approved after the rotation has already begun. Contact the department for assistance with enrolling in this course.