Policy on Auditing Courses


It is the policy of the Health Science Center to permit a student to audit a course when:

  1. Classroom and laboratory space is available

  2. Classroom instructor approves the audit

  3. Approval is given from the instructor and department chair or COGS chair (for Graduate School only) to the Office of the University Registrar

  4. Applicable registration fees are paid

Permission to audit may be cancelled if the space is necessary to admit a student desiring to enroll in the class for course credit.


The UT System Board of Regents approves all fees. See the Schedule of Tuition and Fees for the most current fees in addition to regular course tuition.

Students auditing courses are subject to rules and standards of other offices, such as the Office of the University Registrar and the Office of Veteran Services and Financial Aid.


Students auditing a course will:

  1. Comply with Texas State Legislation that mandates those who have not been continuously enrolled at the Health Science Center must have received the bacterial meningitis vaccine within the past five years.

  2. Obtain permission from the instructor of record on a Course Audit Request form available from the Office of the University Registrar

  3. If permission is approved the student will be registered, and will need to pay necessary fees at the Bursar's Office by the first day of class

  4. Students auditing courses:

    1. Have the full rights and privileges in the class which are afforded all other students of the course, such as use of laboratory facilities, test taking, check out materials, etc.;
    2. Are subject to the same responsibilities of classroom policies as all other students in the course;
    3. Must take and pass all safety tests associated with the course in order to retain laboratory privileges;
    4. Receive a grade of “AU” unless withdrawn from the course. If the student withdrawals from the course, a grade of "W" will be given. The grade will be reported on the grade report and transcript. The audited course will not be used to determine “good standing” or satisfactory progress. Auditing consists of the privilege of hearing and observing only, with no active participation, such as submitting papers, taking part in class discussions or receiving a grade or credit for the course. 
    5. May take a course for credit after auditing the course if approved by their school’s designated dean;
    6. Cannot receive credit by examination for a course audited;
    7. Cannot use an audited course as a substitution for credit for any other course.

Registration for Audit

Students may be required to audit previously attempted courses as a requirement of remediation. Standards of performance are set by course instructors, academic or clinical coordinators, department committee, or the department chair. Permission to audit one or more courses is granted according to schools’ discretion. Auditing conveys only the privilege of observing and excludes handing in papers or taking part in a class discussion, laboratory exercises, or fieldwork. A grade of "AU" is given but no credit is reported. 

Auditing Courses in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Graduate students must obtain permission to register to audit a course from the course director and the COGS chair of the program in which they are enrolled. Others who wish to register to audit a graduate course must apply to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School for admission as a Non-Degree Student.

Auditing Courses in the School of Nursing

Students may not attend class without proof of registration, either as a matriculated or an auditing student. Anyone may audit a non-clinical course in the School of Nursing with the approval of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, and based on space available. A student auditing a course is not permitted to participate in any clinical activity of the course. The Associate Dean for Graduate Studies seeks the consent of the course instructor. Students pay an audit fee. It is the instructor’s prerogative to stipulate expectations of attendance or assignments for auditors. Audited courses will be recorded on the transcript as audited (AU). No audited course may be taken subsequently for credit.