Neurosurgery (NRSR)


NRSR 4010. Neurosurgery Elective. 4 Credit Hours.

Senior students function as "interns" on the neurosurgery service. They admit and discharge neurosurgery patients. They perform history and physical examinations, and keep daily records on neurosurgery patients. They follow patients in the outpatient clinics, in the emergency department, in the intensive care units, and on general wards. They participate in operations for their patients. They participate in pre and post-operative care of neurosurgery patients. They present cases, attend all conferences, and take call as designated by the neurosurgery service. They mentor third-year medical students on the neurosurgery service. They learn how to obtain a history and perform a focused neuroexamination on a patient with brain and spinal cord injury. They are encouraged to participate in basic or clinical science research projects with neurosurgical faculty.

NRSR 4035. Neurocritical Care. 4 Credit Hours.

The goal of this elective is to give students exposure to the specialty of neurocritical care. Students will act in the role of intern, taking responsibility for a minimum of 2-3 patients. They will gain knowledge in the multi-system aspect of critical care along with the unique aspects relating to patients with central nervous system disorders/injury. Students will have ample opportunity for procedures including: arterial line placement, central line placement, intubation , bronchoscopy. They will also learn about ICP 4monitors, EEG and neuroradiology. Students will be supervised by interns and neurocritical care faculty.

NRSR 7000. Off Campus Rotation In Neurosurgery. 4 Credit Hours.

All off campus rotations must be approved by the designated faculty member prior to the beginning of the rotation (at least one week before the course begins). Credit will not be given for any rotation that has not been approved in advance. Required paperwork includes: "Course Approval" form, a written letter or email for acceptance form the physician preceptor with the start and end dates of the course/rotation, and a course description of your learning objectives and responsibilities during the rotation. Forms must include a complete address and telephone number for the off campus location or residence address for the student while at the off campus site. Forms will not be approved after the rotation has already begun. Contact the Department of Neurosurgery for assistance with enrolling in this course.