Academic Program Review Policy

The academic program review process is integral to the assessment and academic planning of academic programs at the Health Science Center. The process is intended to examine, assess, and strengthen academic programs offered at the Health Science Center. Program reviews are a means to ensure advancement in the quality of the Health Science Center’s academic programs. The process enables a comprehensive assessment of goals, infrastructure, operations, and outcomes in relation to the mission and strategic plan of the university. The program review process facilitates dialogue among the president, vice president, dean and program faculty leadership. The process provides an organized and structured opportunity for all to reflect on educational practices and review the role of their program in the context of the full array of programs offered by their school and institution.

The Health Science Center mandates that all academic programs receive a comprehensive review on a periodic basis. The academic program review cycle includes and aligns to the requirements for school-specific accreditation organizations and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The Vice President for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs collaborates with respective school deans to establish programmatic review dates based on requirements of external accreditors and the THECB.

For more information about the Academic Review Policy, see Policy 2.7.2 in the Health Science Center Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP).